Think. When does it end? Wandering thought. Hope will rescind.
Sun. Blanket of gray. It cannot impose. Washed that away.

Bloodshot eyes recall the size of monumental dreams.
As blackness fills, the morning kills the sameness of routine.

Infantile tears and rage replace what was the war I wage.
The hate the day has drained away returns in such an awful way.
Screams turn into hums over the unending run.
I will forget when it's done.

Hard under the wheels. Grinding it in. It never feels.
Be cold as the dirt. It doesn't care. It doesn't hurt.

Scatter moods across the floor and go with what you find.
It's sadder still to waste your days as hopelessly sublime.

Falling from the Autumn sky, the bird that didn't want to fly.
I'll make the broken mirror shine; a Clockmaker, but not divine.

Break your back. The cracks are too hard to avoid. Just stay, relax, and try to enjoy
your faith in the facts that you always employ. Don't assume any guilt for the things you destroy.
I'm safe inside, but still want to break free. I'm sounding alarms people hear on the street.
And I know that you said that I want to believe. It's just hard with your heart on my sleeve.