I wish I could be swallowed whole.
Drink me down and I would take away your sickness.
I could take the place of water too.
Let me try to be everything that you need to live.

I'll become a bottle in your room.
Set me down next to the others on your table.
All the light will shine through me alone.
Will you let me in, or will you tell me,
"Go away, my child. Don't care for me anymore."

Can I please take up your every breath?
Be the air that lets you know you're still alive.
I could settle with the smoke and ash.
I could be your heart and lungs and you would be alright.

Sometimes I think you're still alive.
You would walk out of the woods in all your glory,
and I would cry when I saw your face.
And I'd know that you would never tell me,
"Go away, my child."

Send me away.