Seize it. Please it. Be sure to appease it,
'cause the day will get its way, and never go astray.
Gotta' raise it. Praise it. View it with amazement,
'cause the moods that you project protect and disinfect.
Own it. Clone it. Treat it like you've known it
all your life and it's the same no matter what the frame.
Shine it. Shrine it. Carefully define it.
Days are canvases, pre-primed, prepared for your design.

Keeping all of this in mind, make sure you
don't sit back waiting for all your dreams to come true.
You gotta' learn to not dwell, or mope around and Hell,
you might just find things going well.
Way that I see it, screw and so be it. This ain't no time to shirk.
Isn't life rich, with no need to bitch? Today my life's my greatest work,
so let me do my fuckin' job.

Do it to it. Friends will see you through it.
Least until they all get bored, and you've become a chore.
Smile while you choke back your bile,
'cause your outlook should conceal the things you really feel.
Don't be crazy, self-righteous or lazy,
'cause I know how things can get when you become upset.
Don't forsake it. Fake it! Life is what you make it,
so just deck it up in holly, force out melancholy.